About Kate McCartney

About Kate McCartney


Kate McCartney has been interested in food since never. If you try to engage her in conversations about food and/or cooking, she will push you into the sea. In fact, her most successful recent culinary experience was when she saw a thing on the floor, picked it up and tried to eat it. It was a button.

However, thanks to her guts’ inability to process gluten, lactose and fructose, McCartney is intolerant to most stuff. This affects her, and her ideal blood alcohol level, daily.

McCartney can’t eat that blue-flavoured Paddle Pop, or even mash cheese into Milo when she’s drunk. Because she can’t eat pasta, McCartney will never know the tender kiss of a cocker spaniel thanks to a shared piece of spaghetti. Because she can’t drink beer, she can’t do that thing in commercials where people have friends. McCartney is a bummer at parties, dinners, funerals, dumpsters, and well-catered Doomsday cults. Due to their traditional foods, she can never travel to Italy, India, Mexico or Muffin Break.

If you’re Kate McCartney, you might have seen her work as a writer/performer in Big Bite and Hamish and Andy, where she played her recurring character, “Miscellaneous”. She has also appeared in Kath and Kim, Time Of Our Lives and the ABC series Outland. She’s written for Problems, Dirty Laundry Live, Adam Hills Tonight, and ABC3’s Little Lunch and You’re Skitting Me. She’s been published in Penguin’s Thanks For The Mammaries and Penguin/Random House’s Women of Letters: Between Us. Her work as a researcher on Spicks and Specks was met with widespread acclaim and a parade.

McCartney enjoys the company of her cat, Beans, and the work of YouTube. She is predominantly nocturnal and her talons can rip a mouse in half.


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