About Kate McLennan

About Kate McLennan


Kate McLennan developed her love of food and wine at a very young age and has been cooking for the people that she loves/wants to have sex with ever since.

Cooking is a great coping mechanism for McLennan and allows her to deal with the stresses of her day, like seeing that guy juggling at the traffic lights and how she has ankles that retain fluid. Her passion for food culture also ensures that her and her partner have an ongoing narrative and never run out of things to say to each other. But cooking isn’t just about dealing with fluid and fuckwits and not having sex, it’s also about maintaining friendships, and as such Kate loves nothing more than inviting a bunch of friends around for dinner and then not speaking to them because she’s too busy preparing the meal in her recently renovated kitchen. Her dream is for a table of guests to burst into spontaneous applause as she enters the room while holding a turkey. She has tried to initiate this moment on several occasions, with no success.

McLennan’s obsession with food culture has been great for Kate’s nerves, bald patches and maintaining loose friendships but it has also provided her with a great escape from her working class background so that she can pretend she’s the type of person who owns a holiday house, a Volkswagon Golf and a normal set of teeth. After-all, any idiot with a cash-in-hand night job can own a bag of chipotle chilies and an $18 bottle of almond oil.

Kate funds her food addiction by working as a writer, actress, voice-over artist and stand-up comedian but really she’d just love to quit it all, move to the country; get some cows, sheep and chickens and then kill those cows, sheep and chickens and in turn sell what she’s made via an honesty box system at the front of her rambling river-side property.

She has sampled catering on the set of numerous television shows such as Winners and Losers, House Husbands, The Project, Its a Date, Comedy Up Late, SlideShow, Offspring and The Mansion – where an on-set extra once stole a wheel of brie at a wrap party. Kate has been furious ever since because this cheese formed part of her salary package.

McLennan has performed in thirteen Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, toured through-out Australia and performed comedy in the UK, US, Singapore, India and Hong Kong. Whilst she was in Hong Kong she sampled a BBQ pork bun from Michelin Star rated restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. That experience alone has made being a stand-up comedian all worthwhile and she’s hardly done it since because what is the point in doing anything if you don’t get a pork bun in exchange for it?

McLennan has previously teamed up with Kate McCartney to make their award winning comedy Bleak: The Web Series, where their on-set catering was largely made up of vegetable lasagnes from Costco. Bleak is currently in script development with the ABC, where The Kates hope to turn the show into a full half hour series. The ABC have assured the pair that Adrian Zumbo will be available to cater the series.

Her cooking influences range from Colonel Sanders to Maeve O’Mara and at last check it was confirmed that Yotam Ottolonghi has a restraining order out on her in several countries.


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