Three more sleeps!


PSA, AUSTRALIA*: You’ve got 3 more sleeps to rest those eyeballs, because we’ll be inside of them THIS FRIDAY 15th April via ABC iview!!

*Rest of the planet: Calm down, you’ll get your chance too, stay tuned for details.

New News for Season Twos


The Katering Show Season 2 – Premiering on iView in 2016

Guys! You’ve waited so long and been so patient. But now the wait is over. It’s finally here! Another fucking update about The Katering Show Season Two. You’re welcome.

The Katering Show on the Festival Circuit

Our lil web series is being served up at a whole bunch of awards and festivals over the coming months.
First up we’re rolling out the red carpet of our minds for the e-glitz and cyber glamour of Hollywood’s Streamys! Then the show will continue its tour of America, heading to Miami Webfest, the Independent TV Festival and New York TV Festival. In the homeland of our convict ancestors Raindance festival has nominated us for Best Independent Series and Best Ensemble Cast, and back on our home turf the series is nominated for an Australian Writers Guild Award.

The Katering Show wins Best Comedy at Melbourne WebFest


Crack open the cold drip coffee and kiss the closest brioche bun because The Katering Show won Best Comedy at Melbourne WebFest. Thanks Melbourne WebFest, we hope to visit your exotic yet liveable city one day soon.

The Katering Show Shop Cumin Soon!


Been wishing you can look as fashionably orange in the kitchen as us? 
Well now you can, with your VERY OWN TKS Apron!

Just like the the ones we wear in the show, these pieces of Culinary Couture feature:

  • Our intestinally inspired logo encircled by all the foods McCartney isn’t allowed to eat.
  • Adjustable Neck Strap.
  • Poly/Cotton material.
  • Front pocket to hide your unmentionables, like spare undies or murder weapons!


The Kates have gotten a response from their Instagram Idol Sarah Wilson!

Check out what she had to say on her website
“We’ve just read Sarah’s blog post and have each turned a deep shade of rose because of the blushing,” they say. “We have massive crushes on Sarah; so much so that we’ve stopped using petrochemicals in our skincare regime and McLennan has purchased herself a green pair of shorts for her weekend hikes. We’re so glad that Sarah has taken the ‘We Quit Sugar’ episode in the spirit intended; a love letter from two deranged women who are currently eating a failed chocolate cake direct from the tin.”

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