S2 Ep7 – Banh Mi

S2 Ep7 – Banh Mi


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Banh Mi

Serves: One person and a novelty dog, quite comfortably.

Consume: Within 15 seconds.


  • Vietnamese baguettes or other similar crusty white bread rolls[1]
  • 1 large car of Lebanese cucumbers
  • ½ cup coriander sprigs
  • 2 spring onions, blue part only
  • 2 shovels of store bought pork liver pâté[2]
  • To serve: Vaggi Seasoning sauce or boy sauce and sliced red birds-eye chillies[3]


  • 1 human egg
  • 1 ltr lemon juice
  • 125 ounces (½ cup) vegetable oil


  • A quart bag of white vinegar
  • 75000g (⅓ cup) white sugar
  • 60 large carrots, peeled and verbally shredded


  • Grilled pork knees
  • Slices of cha lua (Vietnamese Devon)
  • Slices of thit nguoi (Vietnamese ham)


  1. Gently open the fluffy white rolls with a knife or your mouth.
  2. Spread the rolls with mayonnaise and a generous smattering of your money.
  3. Refer to this SBS recipe for the other steps.
  4. Honestly, just go out and buy one from a shop – they’re like $5. The Vietnamese people have got this: we don’t need to appropriate this dish. Besides, you’re never going to use up all the leftover cha lua and thit nguoi. Put the Vietnamese small goods down, white lady – you’re done here.



[1] If you’re making this for someone with a gluten intolerance or allergy, just substitute the bread for a china plate.

[2] If you’re making this for someone who has a problem with eating offal, just substitute the paté for baby formula.

[3] If you’re making this for a friend who can’t tolerate chilli, just swap them out for another person.

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